Backwards and Upside Down

OK, not really upside down.  But I was definitely backwards and almost upside down at one point.  NG and I were in bed the other evening and what started out as missionary-style sex suddenly turned into me straddling him backwards and bouncing on him.

This is a tricky position in my opinion because it feels like his dick is at a dangerously forward (for him) angle and a wrong bounce on my part could either break the poor thing or pull the heck out of it.  He seemed to dig it for the sight of my ass bouncing on him.  When my legs got tired he pulled me backwards onto his chest. With my knees bent, still straddling him, he moved a little and I moved a little and between us we figured out a nice rhythm.  I liked that my head was next to his and his breath was in my ear and on my neck.  His arms were around me, cupping my breasts which was also awesome.

It worked out much better than I thought it would.  The sensation for me was almost like doggie-style, with most of the pressure rubbing along the front of me, hitting my g-spot.  Perhaps with a little practice we could stay in that position for longer.  As it was, it took a little too much concentration to maintain for very long.  Good stuff though!

We’re taking a trip next week where we’ll be camping with friends.  Since there’s no way we’re going to be able to keep our hands off each other, I’m trying to figure out the logistics of it ahead of time.  We’ll have to have some quiet sex for sure.  I think we can handle that.  It’s the cleanup that’s worrisome.  Perhaps a packet of wet wipes?  I can trek off into the woods with them.  Ugh, it’s going to be a pain I think.  Any advice out there?

The Secret is Out

The boy said the three magic words last night.  No preamble or dissembling.  He just woke up from a post-sex snooze and said it.  Technically, he may have said it to my breasts, but I’m not going to quibble.  They are, after all, attached to me.  I’ve always felt very loved by him but it was still nice to hear the words.  It was especially nice to hear because sometimes I fart in my sleep.  I know this because I occasionally wake myself up, completely mortified and hoping he’s still asleep.  What I don’t know is how often this happens without waking me up.  In any case, he most assuredly has to have noticed it at least once or twice by now.  And he loves me anyway.

All is Right in the World

My world, at least.  Weds night was a lovely make-up for not hanging out on Tues night.  NG cooked a nice dinner, we went for a walk at sunset, made mad passionate love, then watched a movie.  The rest of the week followed a similar pattern of fun activities and time well spent.  We have some sort of plan for nearly every weekend through the rest of the summer.  Yet I feel like I still have plenty of time for myself.  It’s good.

Will Summer Ever Arrive?

My god, will it ever be summer? I could hardly get out of bed this morning and everyone in my office was cranky because none of them wanted to get out of bed either. To top it off, my date with NG was canceled tonight. Considering how cranky I am, maybe that’s a good thing. We’ll get together tomorrow night instead. But, I couldn’t help feeling a little pessimistic about him canceling. Like he just didn’t want to see me today or something. He has to work, so it’s not like he bailed to go out with his friends instead (a la CB). This is the first time he’s ever canceled plans on the same day though so it’s a little rough timing-wise, given my already dark mood. I guess I’m not feeling very rational today.

In spite of the crappy weather, I went outside after work and got some exercise. It really cleared my head and that, combined with the impending arrival of my favorite pizza, will surely salvage the evening for me.

What to Do?

I have two friends (a couple) in my life who knew I was writing a dating blog. They didn’t know anything more than that though until last week, when they came across it on Oregon blogs and figured out after not too long that it was me. They decided I should know that they found it and they basically let me know how much they had read. This wasn’t a huge deal but it did make me worried about other friends figuring out it was me.

My biggest concern is that someone who knows the writer of this blog will find things out about people I’ve been with that those people would probably rather my friends not know. Like CB. My 2 friends now know some rather bummer information about CB that they didn’t know before. They also probably now know some information about NG that they would just as soon not have known. A girl has the prerogative to gossip to her friends about her lovers though, right?

On the other hand, being all mushy about NG as I am, I feel concerned about how he would feel about this blog. How would I feel if I found out that he was writing all sorts of intimate details about our sex life on a blog like this? I have no idea what he tells his friends about us and our little activities. Frankly, I think I would be alright with him writing about us so long as it was anonymous and I didn’t have to read it myself. I think that he would be alright with it too. But, and here’s the kicker, if I think he’d be fine with it, why don’t I want to tell him about it? Am I being dishonest in some way by not telling him about it? I’m not profiting from it in any way so I tend to think of it as a diary/public service announcement. It’s a dilemma.

I think what I’ll do is keep writing but be extra careful with the details so that people can’t identify me as easily. That shouldn’t be too hard. Still, I have this dread that I’m going to show up at his house for a date one night and he’s going to say, “Hello there Citygrrrl.” I think I would faint.

Head Over Heels

According to NG, he is “feeling head over heels” for me.  He’s also out of town again, but this time it’s only a four day trip so his promise not to ever leave me for a long trip ever again still stands untarnished.  He has this theory that I should not have any fun while he’s gone so that I’ll be really happy when he comes home.  After the last trip, when my mother-in-law died and I had a stressful job change, I told him that wouldn’t stand.  He’s no longer allowed to wish me misery while he’s gone.  I knew my dad was having heart surgery today and the last thing I needed was someone hoping I was miserable this week!

I tried to explain to him my philosophy that when he’s out of town, I hope he’s having a good time both because I care about him and because otherwise, his being out of town is a complete waste of valuable time that we could otherwise be spending together.  It also works in reverse.  If I go out of town, I’ll hope he’s having a good time at home both because I care about his happiness and because I’ll feel less guilty for having fun while I’m gone.

I like this philosophy because it’s positive and somewhat altruistic while at the same time maintaining a certain selfish core.  I want him to have a good time both for his sake, and for mine.  Life is about finding balance, after all.  By the end, he seemed to appreciate the concept.  Sadly, I am not having much fun this week, with or without his support.  I’ve mostly been working and doing chores around the house.  It’s good stuff to do but I wouldn’t classify it as fun!

Sex Swing

Wheeee! We tried out the sex swing and it was way more fun than even I thought it would be. It turns out that fur-lined stirrups make it easy to offer some resistance (kind of like if you had your feet against a wall) and the height adjustable straps make previously impossible positions possible. For instance, I can more or less sit up in the swing and he can stand in front of me, grab my hips or the straps and fuck the hell out of me. Since I’m hanging in space, he doesn’t have to do a lot of hip thrusting, he’s pulling and pushing the swing instead. He especially got a kick out of swinging me around the room (hooray for the swivel function!). Guys are forever wanting to toss me around for some reason. Not in a mean, toss me into a wall kind of way, but rather a pick me up over their head like a figure skater kind of way. It must be some sort of deeply seeded acrobat fantasy. Perhaps the circus had a major impact on them when they were kids.

Anyway, the straps under my thighs and behind my back didn’t cut into my skin like I thought they might. We stuck with the very basic, me sitting in the swing with him in front of me position for our first outing. We’re excited to try some others. In particular, there’s one where I’d be on my stomach with my legs in the air and NG standing behind me. We’re thinking it would be good to try that before eating dinner some night.  I’d also like to have him sit in the swing while I go down on him.  Fun stuff!

The Secret

You will perhaps recall that I have a secret. You may also recall my resolve not to share that secret with NG until such time as he shares his secret first. I totally caved. There were just too many awesome moments in too short a span of time to feel good about not sharing my full appreciation of him. A man who presses his face into my shoulder as I’m curled into a ball of migraine pain and tells me he wishes he could take the pain onto himself and then offers to run to the store at 4am to pick up anything I can think of that might help, has clearly never had a migraine and deserves to know that I’m in love with him.

So, I told him. I told him that I had a secret and that the secret is that I’m happily, madly in love with him. He said he’d been trying to think of a way to tell me something similar. I suspect it will be fun to find out what constitutes “something similar.”

Awesome things about our date last night:

1. We ate at my favorite southern comfort restaurant and he enjoyed it.

2. Dinner conversation was light-hearted and fun.

3. Walk along the waterfront was alternately romantic, humorous, and hot.

4. Sex at home following waterfront walk was intense, amazing, and loving.

This is such a simple recipe for a perfect evening, yet it’s something to be treasured. It sounds sappy, I know. I can’t help it right now. I keep wanting to quote sappy love song lyrics! Consider yourself lucky that I have this much self-control!

A New Toy

NG and I had a great weekend together in southern Oregon. We boated, drank, swam, and hung out with his friends. But enough about that. What really needs to be put out there is the fact that NG bought a sex swing yesterday. I start grinning every time I think about it, which means I’ve been walking around with a stupid grin on my face pretty much all day.

The topic came up last week as we were lying in a post-sex haze on his bed. I asked him if he had any favorite fantasies and his response was something along the lines of “Gosh, I don’t know. It’s hard to come up with an answer to that on the spot.” I figured that meant he either has fantasies he’s too embarrassed to tell me, or he’s not very imaginative. I’m betting on the former. In any case, some time later as we were lying in another post-sex haze, he asked if I thought his ceiling would support a swing. Now we were getting somewhere! We talked about it for awhile and he decided that would be his project for this week.

Last night over dinner he announced that he’d not only acquired the swing, but had also wrecked half of his lathe and plaster ceiling to get it installed. His big purchasing decision was whether to get the swing that swivels 360 degrees or stays in a single direction. He picked the swiveling swing, of course. After dinner, we looked over the pamphlet that came with it. There’s nothing quite like sitting on a bench along the waterfront with a sex booklet as cyclists cruise by oblivious. We probably won’t have a chance to try things out until Friday night. I can’t wait! If nothing else, it should be a kick. I’ve always wanted to try one of these things! God, this guy is so awesome.

He’s Back!

Thank God.  Last night’s reunion with NG was perfect.  I went over to his place after work.  We hugged, kissed, chatted, and generally draped our bodies around each other on his couch for a little while, until not being naked was too much to take.  What followed upstairs was some serious making up for lost time.  I’ve been so stressed out lately on top of missing him that my second orgasm (during round 2) left me a shuddering, gasping, crying, and generally damp pile of goo.  He held me and kissed me and seemed to feel the whole thing was a wondrously cool event.  I was relieved it didn’t freak him out.  It’s not like I was sobbing uncontrollably but there were definitely tears and not everyone knows what to do in that situation. We took a little break at that point while I regained my equilibrium and he got me some water.  Round 3 ended with him also happily collapsed in exhaustion.  We have a really difficult time getting out of bed once we’re in/on it.  Fortunately, a need for fuel always drives us out eventually.

We made a really nice dinner, had more cuddle and chat time, and watched a show together.  Then we went to bed for more sex.  If you’ve read some of my earlier posts, you’ll know that I’ve had issues with men in the past who didn’t come very often, couldn’t maintain an erection, couldn’t get rid of an erection, etc.  The fact that NG can’t get enough of me, and that I can’t get enough of him, is amazing.  I haven’t had this much sex ever and it’s awesome.  The fact that he makes me feel so good when we’re together, or when he calls me while we’re apart, is almost mind-blowing.  It’s so nice to be happy!

To top off the perfect evening (sex, food, wine, dessert, cuddling, chatting, Lost, more sex) he brought me back a really pretty necklace from Hawaii.  I am just stupidly happy right now.  We’re heading out of town this weekend to visit one of NG’s best friends from high school and his girlfriend, who are reportedly looking forward to meeting me.

In conclusion, let it be known on this the 22nd of May, 2008 that New Guy, henceforth referred to as NG, declared on the night previous to this one that he would never part from Citygrrrl for such a lengthy span of time ever again.  Let it also be known that NG also declared that he would never let go of Citygrrrl.  This was so declared while holding Citygrrrl in a tender embrace with her head resting on his chest, exactly where she’d been longing to be for some number of days.